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eCommerce Basics

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The business basics for starting an ecommerce site on the Internet.

Who Should Read This Book

This eBook is targeted primarily for the business community as consumers of the services of web design, marketing, and development solution providers. It is also of value to those same solution providers such that better understanding of these more specialized topics and the issues presented and will help them to better serve their customers.

Table of Contents - 23 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Accepting Payments Online Securely and Reliably

More than 80% of American families have a computer in their home. Almost 92% of those households are online, and more than half of these households shop from home on a weekly basis. In fact, according to Ipsos-Reid, a leading research company, of the Americans who use the Internet, half of them will spend at least $500 shopping online on any given year. This means that if you're not selling online, you're missing a significant revenue opportunity. And with advances in technology, selling online has never been easier, safer or more cost-effective.

An online store allows you to be open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only is this is an important convenience for your customers, it also means more revenue for you. An online store also helps you to reduce your overhead costs since you don't need to hire reception staff and people to take orders. With the right payment processing tools, these functions are all done automatically for you. And lastly, an online store helps you to reach new markets across the country or even outside the U.S. A secure online store is no longer an option for a successful business, It's a critical step in managing and growing your business.

With online fraud rates climbing, it's also important to make sure your online store is secure. According to RSA estimates, online fraud using Phishing attacks have climbed rapidly over the last year. This trend is growing in most segments of online fraud.

Online payment processing requires coordinating the flow of transactions among a complex network of financial institutions and processors. Fortunately, technology has simplified this process so that with the right solution payment processing has become relatively easy, secure and seamless for both you and your customers. Despite that, there are a lot of issues that you the online business owner must do to ensure that you don't become a statistic. That topic would require its own ebook, because it is complex and the issues are expanding and changing every year. The key for you at this level is to make sure that you choose the right “partners” in the financial world to support your online business efforts. This choice is critical and should not be taken lightly. Being well informed as to the fundamentals is the critical first step in this process.

This section of the ebook will provide you with the language and what you need to know about the fundamentals of online payment processing:

You don't have to be an expert in this process, but you do need to have enough of an understanding so that you can ask the right questions of the right partners and ensure that they select the right components so the resulting e-commerce site will meet your expectations.



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