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Understanding PayPal

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A Non-Technical Overview for Website Owners and Web Solution Providers

Who Should Read This Book

This ebook is meant for the small business owner or non-technical web designer or solution provider that quickly needs to understand what solutions PayPal has to offer that might be useful for the task at hand. A programmer (hopefully a PayPal Certified Developer) will most likely be hired to do the actual work, but the right questions need to be asked and blind alleys need to be avoided. At SonicSpider we have interacted with a lot of people asking these very questions and who are struggling to find a solution that can both work and is affordable. That experience guides the contents of this ebook.

Years of experience from a Certified PayPal Developer using PayPal solutions packed into 22 pages of a non-technical easy to read style. It would take you days of research and reading of technical material to distill this information yourself. If you need to understand PayPal solutions quick so you can ask the right questions and narrow down the best solution for you needs - this is the place to start!

Table of Contents - 22 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Appropriate Uses (Website Payments Standard)

There is an old adage, “If you have a hammer, everything is a nail”. This is so true with PayPal as well. There have been countless times that we encounter someone that either has pushed the system to the maximum and it is breaking, or imagines that it “should” do something easily and becomes frustrated when it does not. The key is to understand the limitations of a solution and how to best maximize its strengths, while avoiding or minimizing the weaknesses. Here is a quick breakdown as a reference.

The strengths of WPS are fairly straight forward and a quick visit to the PayPal site will provide you with numerous tutorials and examples of how the system works. This will not be covered again here.

Our focus here is to help you understand where the limitations are, so that:

  1. you can learn to live with those limitations.
  2. you can make an informed decision as to which solution better matches your needs and legal requirements, or
  3. you will understand what it will take to move on to a more advanced solution.



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