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PayPal Services

PayPal Certified Developer

PayPal continues to pioneer solutions to commerce on the Internet. Every year we see new services and commerce solutions. PayPal began solving the low cost solution to "person to person" eBay transactions that did not require a complex banking relationship and fees. PayPal then acquired Verisign Payment Services and then became a full service provider of solutions that ranged from "person to person" low cost transactions to full service traditional merchant services. Recently PayPal has been a leader in various forms of group and micro payment solutions.

PayPal Certified Developer

SonicSpider's Technical Director, John Moore, has been a PayPal Certified Developer since PayPal started the certification program in 2009. He has been involved in developing ecommerce payment solutions since the mid 90s with Verisign Payment Services and Authorize.net. After PayPal purchased the Verisign Payment Solutions, John got more deeply involved in the full line of PayPal solutions.

Because of the depth and complexity of the PayPal solutions it can be hard for the business owner to determine the best solutions that matches their business needs and then find the expertise to implement that solution. Because of that we provide a full range of services to take you from defining your needs and guiding you through the maze of services options (Consulting and Planning), to the nitty gritty of making that solution work in the real world (Programming).

Consulting, Support and Planning

Many times you need and expert to explain the various solutions based on the specification that you already have developed or develop the "blueprint" for the desired system. You understand your needs and now we need to match that with a solution and a plan that will be used to build a program. Also, you may already have a developer working on the overall system and now need specific technical advice as to how a specific API operation works or is coded. All of these areas and more can be covered as a consulting activity. Like the assessment it is difficult to predict the time required to complete plan or provide the needed consulting. Give us a call first so we can best determine the time you will need.


Nothing happens until the computer program (on your website) is programmed to perform that function. Once the solution is determined and a plan is formulated, then the actual physical work of writing code begins. This task can range between customizing and existing system to completely writing a system from scratch. Programming is a craft that requires deep experience and follows a defined process that unfortunately has many variations. The basic target outcome must first be developed in code, this outcome is tested for basic functionality. Next it must be tested to insure that it can handle any other possible conditions that can be anticipated. The variations in conditions discovered in testing then need to be programmed and then those to must be tested. Finally a process call "Quality Assurance" is begun where you, the client, needs to test and ensure that all of the desired outcomes are met and that all variations in conditions have been handled.

I have a detailed project specification

If you have a detailed specification of your project, then send that specification to us by clicking the "Submit Specification" button, and we will review your specification and schedule a free review session either via phone or Google Hangouts.
(Note: The accuracy of any proposal is completely dependent on the completeness of your specification. We make no assumptions of features or components required beyond what is specified.)


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